Focal MP1200 Amplifier

This page is about a legendary amplifier, the Focal MP1200. The designer, Marcel Put, has operated his business under different brand names during the course of his career. Wave, Focal and MP-Audio are the most known ones. While operating under the Focal umbrella he was in charge of the professional range of products, not the consumer products. Marcel was well known in the business for his never ending quest for perfection and that perfection is reflected in all his designs and products. Every part such as electronic components, screws, connectors and yes even the paint he used was subjected to a severe list of tests before it made it to his products. Only the best was good enough.

focal_mp1200_1 focal_mp1200_2 focal_mp1200_3

The Focal MP1200 amplifier is the successor of the Wave MP1200 amplifier. The complete amplifier has been redesigned and the output power was increased significantly but with still retaining top notch signal quality. The Focal MP1200 received a complete new housing. The amplifier was built into a 19 inch 4U enclosure with a 10 mm thick front panel. The unique in the industry cooling tunnel for the transistors is still used and the system now received two temperature controlled fans.

The amplifier’ power supply and output power sections are over dimensioned to ensure the amplifier will continue to deliver high quality output signal even when driven at full power and under most extreme mains situations. As with all of Marcel’s products, the MP1200 was completely hand built under the supervision of Marcel himself. The Focal MP1200 was released beginning of the 1990’s but this amplifier will still outperform a lot of the current amplifiers on the market today. Should you ever come across a secondhand one, don’t hesitate and just buy it. You won’t regret it, this is truly a masterpiece.

Sadly, Marcel Put passed away on October 5th 2002. A number of his products are still available through a network of dealers. Please visit the MP-Audio website for more details. Be sure the read the [about] section on the MP-Audio website. That section contains some background information on Marcel and his work.